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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

10 Hidden features of Whatsapp you should know

Whatsapp features

Whatsapp is a messaging app that uses for sending messages, images, videos and many more. But WhatsApp features doesn’t stop here, Whatsapp provide many other features that user can use for many purposes.

Here are some best:

1. Type your text in Bold.

In WhatsApp chat, you can type your message in Bold letter. If you want to send ‘Hi’ in a bold letter, go to WhatsApp chat and type *HI*  and press send, you can see your message automatically show in bold. Like this:

2. Send message in Italic

If you want to send your WhatsApp message in an italic word like this hey’,Go to chat and type _hey_ you can see your message appeared in Italic word. Like this:

3. New font in WhatsApp

Do you know you can change WhatsApp font? it’s Cool right. Open chat and type “`hi“` and you can clearly see that your font is different from the old one.

4. You can share live location

If you want to send your live location with your friend or family, you can use WhatsApp for it. Just follow below step.
5. Custom notification

If you want to set a custom notification for favorite contact,  go to contactprofile and tap on Custom Notificationand tap on use custom notifications.

6. Account report

If you want to see all your account details :
  • Open Whatsapp 
  • Tap on right side corner three dots
  • Choose settings
  • Tap Account
  • request Account Info

WhatsApp will take 2 days to create an account report. When your account record is available you can see a notification stating Your account info report is now available.click on it and download it.

7. Mute notification

If you constantly do your work and some contact or group messages appeared each minute,  that is an irritation. You can mute that contact or group.
  • Go to contact or group chat. 
  • Click on Top of Right three dots
  • tap on Mute notifications
You can mute notification for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. 

8. Star messages

If any WhatsApp message is important for you and wants to restore that message where you can easily find it. You can star this message in WhatsApp. and see this message in WhatsApp settings>starred messages

9. Message info

If you send someone messages and want to know which time this message delivered and which time that contacts seen him. Go to contact and long press to message which you want to see information and a new pop up will appear now click on three dots and choose Info. You can see all the details you want to know.

10. Whatsapp on desktop
Do you know that you can open your WhatsApp in Desktop.
  • Open https://web.whatsapp.com
  • A QR code will appear
  • Open WhatsApp in mobile and tap on three dots>whatsapp web
  • Now scan QR code in desktop. 
Your WhatsApp opens in Desktop. 

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