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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Why I want to become Ogun ACOMORAN Chairman – Obafemi Babatunde reveals

The former branch chairman of Ifo branch of the ogun state Association of Motorcyle owners and riders association of Nigeria, Mr Obafemi Babatunde has revealed reasons behind his ambition to become the ogun state chairman of the association.

Obafemi, who joined the association as a rider in 1999 has no doubt contributed immensely to the growth of the association in ogun state since its creation, which is one of the reasons he rose to the post of a treasurer at the ifo branch of the association in 2007.

While speaking with NEWSEXTRA Online, he made it known that while he was treasurer of the ifo branch of ACOMORAN, he saw and envied how the then chairman made the association looked like which also made him fell in love with leadership.

Furthermore, in 2012, he contested and emerged the Ifo Branch Chairman of ACOMORAN, a height he attained due to the several works he has done in the association.

While serving as the branch chairman, he set a record of winning four awards during his first term, one which has never occurred in the history of leadership but due to his unique leadership skills, he was able to make it happen

‘’ When I was treasurer of ifo branch, I saw how my chairman made things better, in 2012,I became the branch chairman and I wanted to make things better ,I got award four times during my first term which has never happened in the history of ACOMORAN in Ifo’

He made it known that during his term, a lot of people benefited from the benevolence act he engaged in, they sent people on pilgrimage, to Jerusalem and Mecca, they built houses for people, gave some people cash gift, though it was enjoyed by members who were committed and it was also a way to encourage more commitment from people.

He further revealed that he wants to become the Ogun state chairman of ACOMORAN in order to shed more light in the leadership of the state and to make the association better, since he did it with the Ifo Branch, then he can do better at a higher level.

Speaking on his agenda for ACOMORAN in the state if he eventually emerge, he revealed that more philanthropic act will be done, ACOMORAN hall in ogun state will be built, an estate for ACOMORAN Past leaders, and a better representation in the state.

As it is inevitable for crisis to emerge in association, he made it known that one of the reasons behind crisis is when the members are not benefitting from association or when they feel cheated but his administration will take care of that to avoid crisis.

However, he recounted his ordeal during the 2019 governoship election in ogun state when he was suspended for close to 8 months by the former governor of Ogun state, Ibikunle Amosun for not supporting APM and it’s candidate while appreciating the new governor, Dapo Abiodun.

‘’We had  crisis with the former governor because we didn’t follow APM then, we supported APC and its candidate in Ogun state. We were asked to stop work for almost 8 months, I was jobless throughout but we have a cordial relationship with the Present Governor, His excellency, Dapo Abiodun’’

He further adviced Motorcyle riders to always use the helmet and reduce the rate of their speed

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