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Monday, December 23, 2019

Muslims split in Osun over installation of Aregbesola as Amiru Waziril Mumini

Muslims in Osun state have splitted over the installation of immediate past governor of the state, Rauf Aregbesola, as the Amiru Waziril Mumini of Osun state.

The Minister for Interior was turbaned on Friday at the central Mosque, Oja Oba, Osogbo, as the first Amiru Waziril Mumini by the leagues of Imams and Alfa in the state.

Shortly after the installation, the Osun Muslim Ummah, in a statement signed by Sheik Abdul Yekeen Adamolekun, on Saturday, dissociates self from the installation.

In a swift response on Sunday, the President, Muslim Community, Osun state, Mustafa Olawuyi, disclaimed the Muslim Ummah in a statement issued on Sunday.

The Muslim Ummah said, “it has come to the notice of the concerned Muslim Ummah of the State of Osun the turbaning of former Governor Rauf Aregbesola as the Waziril’ Muminin of Osun State or of Osogbo.

“The said religious chieftaincy is never a reflection of perceptions of Osun Muslim Ummah in any form or circumstances.

“The ordination or coronation is as a result of  personal gratification which might have been orchestrated by sectional inducement by the “turbanee” and as demonstrated by the “Osogbo-turbaners.”

“The people of the State of Osun are in a critical period of recovering from acclaimed Waziri’s avoidable” post-surgical” trauma when some Islamic clerics in Oshogbo decided to “round his head with the bandage” of  washi’ere (you will run mad) otherwise tagged by them as Waziri.

“While we are not dragging the issue of turbaning with anybody as it remains the fundamental human right of any masquerade to seek for visa to Makkah el-Mukaramah, it is the right of Osun Muslim Ummah to withdraw their consents; purportedly given to this coronation.

“Should the acclaimed Waziri parade himself as such round the State, we will not hesitate to do the needful as it was done during the time of Prophet Muhammad (solaLahu alaehi wasalam) when similar “Munafeeq” was launched.

“The agony which Rauf Aregbesola brought to Osun State is still lingering while we keep praying to Almighty Allah to come to our aid.

“The State of Osun has no Waziri-el-Mumeen and when she will have one it can never be Rauf Aregbesola.
“We have earlier warned the State Governor and we salute his courage for his absence at the “coronation.”

But, Olawuyi said, “Osun State Muslim Community has been receiving numerous calls and messages on an article written on prints and social media by one Abdul Yekeen Adamolekun Jenyo claiming to be writing for and on behalf of a body in the name of “Osun Muslim Ummah”  on the installation of the Wazirilmumineena of Osun State.

“We want to let everyone one know that the Osun State Muslim Community is in no way connected with the writer and his organization and so have nothing to do with their write-up.

“We thank you all for your concern and support for the Osun State Muslim Community  demonstrated through your sincere calls, messages and visitations.  Our political leaders in Osun State, present and past are  genuinely people of integrity and honour. Nothing should be done disparage them or cause confusion amongst them. 

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