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Monday, December 30, 2019

Staffers have become Informant for Robbers, Is First Bank Now Safe For Customers?

Osho oluwatosin Lagos
Thankfully, an event that would have thrown the country into a mourning mood was averted over the weekend. If not, maybe we would be mourning over the loss of lives and loss of millions of naira.

Not to put you in the dark, it’s all about the robbery attack against the first bank of Nigeria that was foiled in Abuja. Sincerely, those guys had so much strategies in their heads, they had planned well, knowing fully well that all bank institutions normally have a high influx of customers in the banking halls mainly to deposit huge funds.

Apart from this, most of the big wigs in this country bank with first bank because no doubt, the history of banking can never be mentioned without First Bank Of Nigeria, the bank is one of the first generation bank and has existed for decades, yet, it is not fading out. 

Due to this, several important personalities, politicians, investors, to mention a few prefer to bank with First Bank.

Come to think of it, if the robbery had taken place as planned, the effect on the bank and its customers wont be one that will be easily forgotten. It will linger on for years.

some people who haven’t deposited the cash in their hands will be robbed, the money the cashiers haven’t posted will be taken, gold and other valuables will be snatched, in just few days to a new year!, Thank God!.
The Nigerian police force also did a very great job, without them, a lot could have happened but they were right on the scene at the right time to avert the tragedy that would have befallen the country.

However, it has become a thing to think about how the men of the underworld could come up with such a strategy, how they were able to bypass several protocols to perpetrate the evil act. it was later discovered that the branch Manager of the bank was their informant.

This was revealed yesterday after the police subjected the armed robbers to serious drillings, they made the confession to the surprise of all.

One would begin to wonder, why would a branch manager, someone who works in an organistion decide to do things that will hurt the bank’s reputation. Although the confession hasn’t been confirmed but it can be reliably said that the branch manager has something to do with it if not, he will never be mentioned.

If a branch manager can do this, how much more an ordinary cashier? Or some of the security operatives? And can the number of branch managers who can do this be ascertained? Who knows if there are other branches that will soon experience this.

As earlier said, a lot of Nigerians bank with first bank, from high class Nigerians to low class Nigerians, billions of people open account with First Bank every month, everyone goes to the bank to keep their money and valuable safe but the big question now is, IS FIRST BANK A SAFE PLACE TO BANK? ARE CUSTOMERS’ MONEY SAFE NOW THAT STAFFERS HAVE BECOME INFORMANT FOR ARMED ROBBERS?

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