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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coronavirus cases surpass 200,000 worldwide — Johns Hopkins

The worldwide compilation of coronavirus cases surpassed 200,000 on Wednesday, as countries across the world impose travel restrictions in a bid to contain the deadly disease.

Incidents relating to Covid19 — an infectious disease caused by coronavirus — peaked at 201,000 confirmed cases and 8,000 deaths on Wednesday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University.

China, where the virus was suspected to have broken out, has the highest cases at 81,000, while Italy maintains second with 31,500 cases as of Wednesday afternoon, Johns Hopkins data said.

Of the 8,000 plus deaths so far recorded from the outbreak, 3,100 occurred in China, while Italy followed again with 2,500 deaths, the public health institution’s tracker found.

More than 82,000 people who caught the virus have recovered worldwide, following treatments. It was unclear how many people have actually been infected, as many countries continue to report inadequate testing kits for potential patients of the virus.

Medical experts and scientists have also warned that the virus’ worst was yet to come, urging countries to brace themselves for more infections in the coming weeks.

Countries have raced to enforce containment policies within their boundaries. The United States and European countries have shut borders against foreigners, while some imposed curfews with an advisory that citizens should practice ‘social distancing’.

Although Africa has not been racked by the virus-like other parts of the world in both economic and human toll, the continent has also begun seeing a worrisome uptick in reported cases.

Nigeria has eight cases as of Wednesday afternoon, up six cases from Monday when only two people were said to be in quarantine for the past two weeks. No one has died of the virus in Nigeria, where reported cases are lower in comparison South Africa with 116 confirmed cases as of Wednesday morning.

Amidst public pressure, the Buhari administration announced scattered restrictions on countries with more than 1,000 cases of coronavirus. The countries include China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, Norway, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The administration has also raised a task force on the virus that would give updates and recommend policy directives on containing the virus.

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