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Friday, May 15, 2020

SSANIP reacts to delay in salary payment by Integrated payroll and personnel information system

The Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Polytechnics (SSANIP) has reacted to the delay in payment of salaries by the integrate payroll and personell information system.

In a release made available to this publication, the National President of the association, Adebanjo Ogunsipe made it known IPPS is not capable of handling the volume of work on its table, which is the reason there is delay in payment.

"He also stated that the when the system was created, everyone hoped it will be a tool to stop 'ghost workers,' but in the last three months, there has been several disappointment from the system

It is with great constraint that the Union is addressing the public on the issue of Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPS), a platform for the payment of Salaries domicile in the office of the Accountant General of the Federatio.

We believe that there is no perfect system in the world and our hope of improvement as time passes by had been dashed. Since the Polytechnic came on board in February 2020, it has been a continuous tale of woes without any hope of improvement in the near future as reflected by the payment of April salary early in the week.

We kept quiet for this long giving time for improvement, but it appears the IPPIS office lacks capacity to deal and cope with the quantum (volumes) of work or, how would one explain a situation where almost half of our members are yet to receive their April salary almost three days after disbursement and half of another month!.

It is with great hope that the Union welcomed the IPPIS as a tool for correcting the perceived problems of ghost workers, over bloated overhead costs by some Chief Executives and high-handedness in some places. But experience in the last three months has proved us wrong. The  IPPIS has turned to a MONSTER and a weapon of inflicting untold hardship on our members.          
Is it the cases of outright ommissions and non payment of salary, high and killing tax regime, shortfalls in salary, compulsory enrollment into the National Housing Fund (NHF), non deductions of third party remittances such as Cooperatives and to cap it all the blantant non remittance of the Union Check Off dues deductions three months after thereby stifling (crippling) the Union activities in all our Chapters and preventing it from fulfilling is various commitments. While we are linking up with other Sister Unions to address these various lapses, the Union will not stop at anything to redress all these shortcomings even if it involves seeking redress and claiming damages from the appropriate authorities for the injuries and pains inflicted on our members. "

Adebanjo Ogunsipe 
SSANIP National President

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