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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Nigerian Lady Calls Out Aunt, Accuses Her Husband Of Raping Her When She Was 13

A Nigerian lady has called out her aunt over an alleged physical abuse and her husband for allegedly raping her when she was 13.

Chinwe Udeze Patricia took to facebook to recount the horror she faced when she was 13 and lived with her aunt and husband Mr Julius and Mrs Martina Elemotse, after her aunt who was pregnant at that time begged her mother several times to allow her come live with her because she was having a hard time doing the house chores.

She accused her aunt of wrongly accusing her of stealing beverages, stripping her naked in front of her husband, making fun of her boobs in his presence and monitoring her phone conversation with her mother to ensure she doesn’t report the abuse.

Chinwe said her aunt’s husband took advantage of the abuse, raped her twice and threatened her several times.

She wrote;

I was with my family jeje, when aunt called severally disturbing my mum on letting me Live with her, she was heavily pregnant with 3kids and claims to have difficulty with household chores…

Initially my mum never wanted me to go because according to her her sister won’t treat me well, but poor 13 yrs old me was too happy to go to Lagos, after much pressure from her evil husband my mum allowed me go to Lagos to live with them…

When I joined them in Lagos she told me never to interact with my mom in my dialect(Igbo) cos she never wanted me to report her abuse to my mom (my mom is Edo but married to Igbo) well it didn’t take long for her to start abusing me even in the presence of her rapist husband, aunty Martina will accuse me of stealing milk and Milo and strip me naked in front of her husband just to humiliate me, she will make fun of my boob’s in presence of her husband and kids… my mum will call to check on me and she will monitor the call so I can’t report to my mom,her husband took advantage of her maltreatments to me and raped me twice once under her nose and the other in her absence that was after he threatened me severally and took leverage with my aunt’s attitude on me…

Mr Julius you’re a rapist and Martina you’re a rape enabler!!!

Evil people I’ve never forgiven you both for your wickedness towards me

I was 13 and wasn’t even allowed to go to school for 2 terms, when I was finally allowed I was known for late coming…

BobBobogini Martina JuliusrBobogini Martina JuliuslBobogini Martina Juliusad this and feel the shame you and your rapist husband put me through, don’t bother calling me to threaten me evil woman!!!
Stop covering your rapist husband with Christianity even God hates rapist

She wrote in another post;

Julius Frank Elemotse so i finally found you, well your wife said I should ask you myself..

So please I want to know, why did you rape a vulnerable 13 yr old me when I was under your roof to help your wife?
Why did you take my innocence and ruined my teenage hood?
Why did you blame me for seducing you when your wife confronted you?

Why did you leave the house after your evil act was discovered?

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