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Thursday, August 6, 2020

#BBNAIJA : Top five housemates that won’t be evicted anytime soon

The most popular and talked about reality show at the moment is Big Brother Naija #BBNaija. It has been taking place for years now and it has seen several individuals becoming famous through the platform.

#BBNaija has been described as the biggest platform anyone can get on. Any individual that becomes a housemate becomes popular instantly.

Although the show is described by some set of people as immoral but the majority find it interesting, engaging, and worthy of watching.

For this year’s edition #BBnaijalockdown, two housemates have been evicted already due to reasons known to them. Anyone can be up for eviction and later gets evicted, but there are some individuals who wouldn’t get evicted anytime soon, even if they are under probation.

BBNaija is a big business that employs great strategy to ensure money keeps flowing, the top five housemates about to be talked about are those who are really bringing in the money for BBNaija organisers.



She is a pretty lady whom many have described as one with beauty and brains. Lately, she has been on the number one spot on trendy issues, especially on twitter and this is connected to her recently found love for another housemate, Kiddwaya. Erica became a huge discussion after she was being kissed and romanced by Kiddwaya. She was also involved with another housemate, Laycon at some point though not so intimate.


All these and many other things she does in the house will not make her get evicted. She’s making the news which in turn pumps in money for Biggie, hence, eviction is so far from her.



The romantic and son of a Nigerian billionaire himself! Kiddwaya is also one housemate holding down the house for Biggie. He was first of all popular for his cuteness, then later for his intimacy with Erica.

Erica once said she is attracted to him physically and of course, they have been caught doing so many physical things in the house.

Kidd, is also an intelligent person, his team won N2 Million yesterday in a challenge because of his skills and intellectual ability. Kidd has lots of fans who would do anything to ensure they keep him in the house, if kidd’s gets evicted, it simply means Biggie will lose millions, hence, he won’t get evicted anytime soon.



He can be described as the first person who enjoyed fame among the housemates. Laycon became popular instantly after he uncovered his music talent in the house. He raps, sings and has very nice songs that have been downloaded by lots of people after he became a housemate.

Laycon is loved by all in the house, he has got so many fans due to the talent he has. He appears to be in love with Erica, He has confirmed how he feels bad whenever he sees Kidd with Erica.


Though Erica has told him that she is only mentally attracted to him, he doesn’t seem to be giving up soon. Laycon is one of the reasons people derive interest in the show, He has huge support even from celebrities, if he gets evicted, it become a huge loss for biggie.



Very fine man! Ozo is the current head of house while Dorathy is his deputy. He is another housemate that won’t get evicted anytime soon. Ozo looks good and is very intelligent. He once threw Ebuka in shock after He gave answers to his question with some ambiguous words, He got ebuke lost for words then.

He is also said to be in love with Nnegi, who felt bad after He appointed Dorathy as his deputy head of house.


It appears those that won’t get evicted soon are those who are kinda intimate with the opposite sex in the house. Nnegi is also called Ozo’s wife because of their intimacy in the house. Nnegi is also described as a very focus housemate who is really focused on the money, and due to this, plays her game smoothly.

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