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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria


The Sheik Gumi's carefully crafted statement against non-muslim military men/women killing bandits, Boko Haram etc whenever deployed to do so is not only an intentional one but an eye opener.

The self-style islamic scholar should be aware that the veiled intention behind his statement and probably latest venture, is well-noted and shall be treated as a signal of a planned imminent danger targeted at our non-muslim military men and women.

While peaceful co-existence is a golden wish, the Sheik and his sponsors should also note that henceforth, Nigerians north and south shall not only firmly but openly confront any sinister plan targeted against our national heroes and heroines whether in the course of or after the course of their services.

Tolu Arotile and many others have paid more than enough prices, we shall not travel that road again. Never!  

- Akinloye NG.

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