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Monday, May 31, 2021

Umuleri-Aguleri boundary crisis, Anambra’s problem: FG


The federal government’s National Boundary Commission says the Umuleri-Aguleri boundary crisis is Anambra’s internal boundary problem.

The NBC Director-General, Adamu Adaji, at the News Agency of Nigeria Forum, in Abuja, noted that its boundary committee was handling inter-local government boundary cases within the state.

Mr Adaji stated that the national boundary commission would only intervene in inter-local government disputes resolution if invited by the state.

While reacting to the age-long boundary dispute between the two communities, the director-general emphasised that the commission was invited on the case a few years ago by the previous administration, which it partnered to resolve.

“We made our views known, and it was left for the government to implement what was agreed upon,” explained Mr Adaji. “Whether the government implemented the agreements, suggestions, and recommendations is what we cannot say because it is a different administration.”

He, however, added, “The present administration has not had cause to request our interventions in that case. But we have had cause to intervene on that case previously.”

The NBC boss added that the case was conclusively resolved by the previous administration with whom it partnered to resolve it for the case to resurface.

“But now that it has resurfaced, we have not had any request for intervention by the state government until we are called upon. If we are called upon, we will gladly partner with them to offer solutions and recommendations as expected.

“When they need our interventions, the state government will notify us, and we will partner with the state to get it resolved,” said Mr Adaji.


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