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Monday, July 5, 2021

Southern Governors Meeting Ends With New Nigerian Order


Southern Governors Meeting Ends With New  Nigerian Order.

1) The Southern States Must Pass and Sign Anti-Open Grazing Law Before Sept 01, 2021.

2) Security Agencies Must Inform State Governors Before any operation in states.

3) 2023 President Must come from the South.

4) 3% to 5% to Host communities in the PIB rejected.

5) 30% Oil exploration fund in frontier basins (Mostly to the North) rejected.

6) Rejected PIB's proposed 3% share of the oil revenue to the host community. Supports 5%.

7) Rejected proposed 30% share of profit for the exploration of oil and gas in the basins.

8) Rejected the ownership structure of the proposed Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC).

9) Rejected the confirmation of exclusive jurisdiction in pre-election matters on the Federal High Court.

10. Chose Lagos as its permanent secretariat.

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