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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Top 8 WhatsApp Monitor Apps for 2021


WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging platforms in the world. People from all over the globe get connected via this simple app. To monitor WhatsApp can basically track much information of target users.

When comes to choosing WhatsApp monitor Apps, people usually have no idea on how to choose the proper one. On this post, we will help you to get the best WhatsApp online tracker along with other 7 WhatsApp monitor apps for you. You will know the basic informations below. Have a look!

1. KidsGuard for WhatsApp (Best Choice)

  • Features: 9.8/10 It supports WhatsApp messages tracking, Calls recordings, Status checking, Photos and Videos monitoring and automatically screenshots taking.

  • Easy of Use: Super easy to use. You can get the method within 5 minutes by following the official guide.

There are various apps available capable of monitoring WhatsApp but among them KidsGuard for WhatsApp is considered the best. This WhatsApp online monitor app deserves the top place as it is very effective and packed with outstanding features. It can be installed easily in the target device and then it will monitor the device stealthily without notifying the owner.

How Do KidsGuard Pro Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • View all the WhatsApp chat history, including sent and received messages even the deleted ones.

  • The Record Call feature will allow you listening in outgoing and incoming WhatsApp calls.

  • View all WhatsApp status the target and his friends shared even if private ones.

  • Takes real time screenshots when the target is using WhatsApp, without any notification.

  • Support to monitor multiple accounts for WhatsApp without passwords and logging them out.

  • Monitor all multimedia files exchanged on target WhatsApp, including photos, videos, voice notes, documents and more.

2. FoneMonitor

  • Features: 9.5/10 It support WhatsApp messages tracking, Photos and Videos monitoring.

  • Easy of Use: Relatively easy to use but it has multiple steps to use, and some of the permissios need be enable by our own.

FoneMonitor is also one of the best WhatsApp online tracker, you can easily track someone else's WhatsApp activities using this state of the art software. This program will simply let you hack into someone else's WhatsApp account and monitor the messages. Along with the messages you will also get insight on the attached photos and videos. Using FoneMonitor you will also be able to control target device, remotely.

How Do FoneMonitor Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • Easily access to WhatsApp messages.
  • The incoming and outgoing messages can be viewed in a single click.

  • A lot of features for monitoring mobile devices are available, including screenshot options.
  • You can also monitor the WhatsApp activities.

3. iKeyMonitor

  • Features: 9.5/10 It support WhatsApp messages monitoring.
  • Easy of Use: Easy to use but it has not clear guide.

iKeyMonitor is one of the simplest and very effective monitoring apps for Android and iOS devices. This app is widely used by parents all over the world as a parental control program that monitors and tracks the target device. It is packed with a lot of features including Geo-fencing, keystroke logger, WhatsApp monitoring, photos, videos, SMS, blocking app etc. etc.

How Do iKeyMonitor Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • Tracks all the outgoing and incoming WhatsApp messages including the attachments.
  • Allows you to keeps an eye on WhatsApp messages in target device and view the logs remotely.
  • Can be used to monitor multiple systems at the same time.

4. Highster Mobile
  • Features: 9.5/10
  • Easy of Use: Easy to use but it has not clear guide.

Highster Mobile is an affordable app for monitoring mobiles devices including the independent messaging app, WhatsApp. The app was designed for both Android and iOS and works quite well. The installation is very simple, after it is installed logs all the activity and notifies with a report directly. It tracks all the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages including the attachments.

  • How Do Highster Mobile Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:
  • Remote access to all WhatsApp text messages on target phone.
  • GPS location tracking is also available.
  • Allows you to view WhatsApp Photos on target device.

5. Copy9
  • Features & Services - 9/10
  • Easy of Use: Easy to use and all steps can be done within 15 minutes.

Copy9 is yet another excellent Whatsapp online tracker 2020 to this list. It is an app developed for both Android and iOS devices to monitor WhatsApp messages including the photo and video attachments. The app is also packed with other monitoring features using them you can also monitor calls, SMS, call logs, internet history etc.

How Do Copy9 Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • Monitor WhatsApp messages without even installing the app on the target device.
  • Record all words typed on target device.
  • photo and video attachments are also traceable.

6. HoverWatch
  • Features & Services - 9/10
  • Easy of Use: The installation of the app is relatively complicated, manually access each permission is necessary.

HoverWatch is another great application to monitor WhatsApp activity. This app is capable of monitoring other messaging platforms as well, like Kik, LINE etc. This app comes with a very intuitive interface that works parallel with the needs of its users. The app works in incognito mode and has the ability to work simultaneously on multiple devices.

How Do HoverWatch Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • It can record their WhatsApp messages, audio and video files attached.
  • Also track WhatsApp in an undetectable way.
  • Get an alert if the SIM of the target device is being changed.

7. mSpy
  • Features & Services - 8.5/10
  • Easy of Use: The installation of the app is easy and technical skills is unnecessary.

mSpy is also among the 8 best WhatsApp monitoring apps. This app was designed for both Android and iOS devices. It can view all WhatsApp messages and media files. This app has a great balance of features and price. All the monitored data can be synced to the online dashboard just like KidsGuard Pro.

How Do mSpy Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • Access WhatsApp chats.
  • Calls & SMS tracking is supported.
  • Capable of tracking multiple devices at once.

8. Appmia
  • Features & Services - 8/10
  • Easy of Use: The installation is harder than the apps listed above, because some permissions are hard to access and there is no clear guide for users.

Appmia is quite an exceptional WhatsApp monitoring tool. It comes with a lot of features and works on multiple platforms. You can get real time access to almost all the data of your target device. It can monitor other social media apps as well apart from Whatsapp.

How Do Appmia Function in WhatsApp Monitoring:

  • Monitor on WhatsApp conversations with the time.
  • Call and website blocking is available.
  • Target device can be located with accurate GPS location.


Quite simply, there are a lot of apps available for WhatsApp monitoring and there are also even WhatsApp monitoring app free available with trials. But if you are looking for the best apps with the capability to monitor all the messages or conversation on WhatsApp then you have already got them through this article. All 8 of them are excellent but as mentioned KidsGuard for WhatsApp is the best. It equipped with the most powerful WhatsApp monitoring features and the safest tracking approaches.

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