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Friday, October 8, 2021




ÒDÈRÉ-KÓ-KÒ (palm dove)

One of the closest creature to man in YŌRÙBÁ land is ÒDÈRÉ-KÓ-KÒ-whenever it perches on the rooftops, it makes a distinctive sound ÒDÈRÉ KÓ-KÒ which every little kid or perhaps grown adults in some cases love to reproduce/imitate it’s sound onomatopoetically “Ò-DÈ-RÉ-KÓ-KÒ”. The honest question is, when we imitate a voice/sound, does it makes it a word/language?. or they are just voices/sounds that reverberate only within the confines of our own overstandings? How do we differentiate betwixt voice/sound and a language? Is voice/sound the framework of  every word/language?.

What bird is regarded as ÒDÈRÉ-KÓ-KÒ? That’s the picture appended in beginning of this article. It is from the family of Dove and lesser in size when juxtaposed to a Pigeon. It is mostly predominant in Nigeria and other parts of Africa as far as I am concerned. 

The Etymology of YŌRÙBÁ language plays an  integral part in the renaissance of African culture.A very big respect to SHEIKH ANTA DIOP whose words, researches and effortless dedication to the pursuit of root renaissance in AFRICA will continue to be a shinning light for generations to come. 

Do we own our YŌRÙBÁ Language? 

Did our ANKHcestors chronicled/preserved their life’s peregrinations, histories, divine enlightenments, knowledges and wisdoms in some form of writings?—? Is ĪFÁ a written form of ENLIGHTENMENT/KNOWLEDGE or oral wisdom passed down like a relay baton?—?. I think our ANKHcestors gave precedence to oral pedagogy o’er any form of writings though!.

What then gave birth to WRITINGS? Is it a means for some to achieve an egocentric end perhaps for their expansionism agenda? Why is our language not written in our ALPHABETS? Do we need alphabets when from generations to generations we can pass down our rich history orally?.Are we being colonized or bamboozled to believe that A,B,C,D is our alphabets? Blessings and Light unto those ANKHcestors that sifted out the english alphabets that did not resonate or not in consonance with our language  (C,Q,V,X,Z..)and included those that did-like (Ṣ,GB,Ọ,Ẹ,..) despite the fact that it’s not our alphabets.

Ọ̀rọ̀ l’e̩yẹ gbọ́! Ọ̀rọ̀ l’e̩yẹ gbó̩!! ẹiyẹ o dédé bà l'órùlé, Ọ̀rọ̀ l’e̩yẹ gbọ́ which can literally be translated to english as (a bird is eavesdropping! a bird is eavesdropping!!! a bird wouldn’t perch on rooftops unnecessarily lest  ‘tis eavesdropping!!! ) 

What inspires Language if not VOICES? what sort of bird eavesdrops to listen to the words of men If  it doesn’t  overstand them? ÒDÈRÉ-KÓ-KÒ and many other birds must have played a significant role in YŌRÙBÁ language and that is why I KNOW and did not BELIEVE that colonialism taught us how to write our names or history. 

I learnt from a bird that’s perching on the roof top voices like Ò,DÈ,RÉÈ,KÓ,KÓ-Colonialism did not teach me that cos I know the voice of the palm dove predates colonialism itself!

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